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MSPA Tools

The MSPA Tools are designed to Simplify, Standardize and Automate the Assessment of Patient and Caregiver Described Multiple Sclerosis Neuropsychological and Comorbid Issues.

The Multiple Sclerosis Patient Assessment (MSPA) Toolset was developed with the clinician in MIND. The toolset contains valid and reliable assessment tools for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

The MSPA Tools Tablet App contains:

  • MS Neuropsychological Questionnaire Patient (MSNQP) SF-15
  • MS Neuropsychological Questionnaire Informant (MSNQI) SF-15
  • MS Vocational Accommodations Survey (MSVAS)
  • Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS)
  • Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CESD)
  • Medical Outcomes Survey(MOS) SF-36
  • PatientHealthQuestionnaire PQH-9

Each Tool produces an auto-scored report. Collect important data in the waiting room or exam room auto-scored report. The MSPA Tools Assessment Platform was developed in consultation with Dr. Ralph Benedict the MSNQ and Vocational Accommodations Tools Author.

About the MS Neuropsychological Questionnaire (MSNQ)
Neuropsychological abnormalities are common in multiple sclerosis (MS), but unlike motor and sensory deficits, their measurement in the clinical setting can be difficult and expensive. Consequently, screening and assessment methods are not applied routinely, and in some settings not at all. The MSNQ was developed to be a reliable assessment of patient and informant perceptions of neuropsychological problems.

Why MSPA Tools and CNS Vital Signs Testing?
Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS) is common, and is associated with lower health-related quality of life and higher unemployment rates. Accurate diagnosis of cognitive impairment requires performance-based neuropsychological assessment, which can be time-consuming and costly. Thus, brief and accurate cognitive tests to screen for or monitor neuropsychological status would allow clinicians to identify those patients with MS who require more detailed neuropsychological testing or attention to neurobehavioral signs.

MSPA Tools MSPA Tools MSPA Tools MSPA Tools